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Helpful Hints

Follow these Helpful Hints for a Worry-Free Moving Experience

Adam’s Moving works hard to make sure your move is a success. You can do your part to ensure a worry-free experience by following the helpful hints listed below. We also encourage you to check out our packing tips and notification checklist.

As your one-stop moving headquarters, Adam’s Moving is pleased to sell a wide variety of moving supplies in Ottawa.


  • Coordinate your move. Give your mover plenty of notice to ensure you get the date and time desired. If possible, arrange occupancy dates in your new residence to avoid storage or delays.
  • Unless otherwise arranged with movers, all goods should be packed and ready on moving day.
  • Should you be moving in or out of an apartment, it is the customer’s responsibility to book the elevator. (Keep in mind that loading time is longer than unloading time.)
  • If there are parking (loading/unloading) restrictions at either location, notify your mover upon booking.
  • Prepare floor plan of new premises to speed up unloading at destination.
  • By putting all your boxes in a room close to the loading area, you can speed up moving time. However, your furniture should be left where it is for packing (truck) reasons.
  • Valuable grandfather clocks should be prepared for shipping by a professional.
  • It is a good idea to check your homeowner’s insurance to see if goods are covered during the move.
  • Contact your service company for disconnection of gas appliances.  
  • Set aside all items you will need until the last minute (bedding, dishes, clothing, etc.).
  • Label cartons you will need upon arrival.
  • Attach “DO NOT MOVE” tags to articles you intend to leave behind or move yourself.
  • Dispose of any unwanted items.
  • The fuel from lawn mowers and power tools should be emptied. Movers do not take fire extinguishers, propane tanks, ammunition or any types of combustible products.
  • It is a good idea to have children occupied on moving day.
  • Movers can transport plants at owner’s risk.
  • Should it be required, beds and mirrors on dressers can be dismantled by movers.
  • Freezer’s should be moved empty to avoid damage.
  • Tie mops, curtain rods and broom handles together.
  • Double check your home for forgotten items.
  • Do not forget to turn off lights, check furnace and windows.
  • When unpacking, spread paper out on table and then roll it up (this way, small articles will not be lost).

Whether you are moving yourself, moving out of town or just need some help with the bigger items, Adam’s Moving can help make your move an easier one. Just give us a call for Ottawa moving supplies and services. Remember, an estimate is only as accurate as you are, so please include everything from attic to basement.

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