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Pack like a Pro

Learn How to Pack like a Pro

Learn how to pack like a pro! We have created a list, so that your valuables can be packed as safely as possible.

Packing Tips

  • Newspaper can be used for packing. However newsprint fades easily and can ruin the items you wish to protect.
  • Pack toiletries separately, secure caps and corks. Have carton’s contents stated in case of emergency.
  • Don't over or under pack your boxes. Give fragile items room to breathe.
  • Record albums should be packed on edge to prevent warping.
  • Identify contents of each carton packed for easy unpacking. Example: K for kitchen and MB for master bedroom. This speeds up moving time and avoids having to move boxes up and down stairs.
  • It is essential to have spare boxes on moving day for last minute packing.
  • Spread your linens around. Use them as fillers to protect other items.
  • Dresser drawers do not have to be unpacked. However, there should not be any breakables, spill-ables, heavy items or valuables in them.
  • Start packing early to avoid a last-minute rush.
  • Clearly write on the box if it contains fragile items.
  • Do not pack heavy and bulky items in the same box as china.
  • Smaller boxes are for heavy items, larger boxes are for lighter, bulky items.
  • When packing with bubble wrap, pack with the bubble side out.
  • Make sure your boxes are strong enough to carry their contents.
  • Cartons should not weigh more than 50 to 60 pounds.
  • Table lamps and bulbs should be put in a box.. Remove the bulbs and pack the lamp shade separately.
  • Books should be packed horizontally in a smaller box.
  • Plates should always be packed on edge, and drinking glasses should be packed upside down.
  • Always tape the bottom of your boxes.
  • Use good quality closed top boxes and seal them with packing tape.
  • Do not use garbage bags for packing. The contents of these can easily be mistaken and result in loss.
  • If storing goods, remove all contents from dresser drawers, wrap mattresses, box springs, couches and chairs in plastic bags, and make sure not to store ANY food items.

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